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At the National Center for Unwanted Firearms Inc., our mission is to accept and responsibly dispose of or repurpose unwanted firearms and promote firearm safety and awareness in communities.
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What Can I Do with an Unwanted Firearm?

Each unwanted firearm transaction is unique. Our goal is to make it easy for you to responsibly sell or donate your unwanted firearms.


Fill out our contact form or Call (833) GIV-GUNS

to our firearms specialists about donating or selling your unwanted firearms.


We send you a box

If you are selling or donating, we include a shipping label and instructions on how to pack your unwanted firearm. Ask about a pickup to your area for multiple unwanted firearms.


You send the unwanted firearm

We’ll contact you when it’s received and any additional steps required. Once received by our center the former owner no longer has a legal liability for the firearm.

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What Do We Do with Unwanted Firearms?

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Call Us Toll-Free To Sell Or Donate Your Unwanted Firearm (833) GIV-GUNS | (833) 448-4867 Or Fill Out The Form To Get Started
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